Want to invest in the real estate projects as you apply for Australia 188A/132A immigrant visa? 55 years of age or older can also immigrate to Australia through this way!To compared with 188C, “5 million Australian dollars investment”, this visa allowed to move to Australia with less than half of the investment! Want to invest and immigrate? Call 852-3568 1436 today for your free assessment and to introduce you to the latest real estate projects!

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  • The state government is actively promoting the real estate development
  • Property prices in Adelaide have risen steadily over the past two years
  • Investors from real estate development are more likely to get state nominations
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  188A (Investment amount) 132A (Investment amount)
Have business experience 55 years old AU$200,000 AU$1.5 million
≥ 55 years old / AU$2 million
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  1. Invest before visa approval and landing:
  • Buy Vacant land (market call this ‘Land Banking’)
  • Buy Old houses ready for demolition
If Visa application fails, sell for profit from rise in valuation. If Visa is approved, once the migrant has landed, design, develop then sell (similar to Stream B). *Note this investment does NOT count towards the visa requirements 2.Invest after visa approved and migrant landed:
  • Buy Vacant land
  • Buy Old houses ready for demolition
  • Design, develop and sell for profit.
  • Buy into existing Developer projects for a negotiated control, ownership and return.
*Note this must be structured to become the migrant’s project with management and decision-making process.
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  • For Buy–Build–Sell, this yields higher immediate annual return like a business.
  • For developer project, it will end up effectively like a fixed return on investment if project is successfully completed includes selling. No hassles on business and development issues.  But this must become your project with management and decision-making process integrated.
  • Lower FIRB fee for commercial purpose/based acquisitions – starts from $3k (based on asset value)
  • No FIRB if investments are made after Visa approval and migrant has landed in Australia.
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