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Pros of immigration to Ireland

Due to the mass immigration wave, Ireland has become one of the new favourite places for people who choose to migrate from their country of origin. An egalitarian country with around 4.7 million people, Ireland is the second-largest island in the British Isles. It has a mild climate and beautiful green rolling landscape due to the Gulf Stream and the country’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is an English-speaking country surrounded by a diverse multicultural society. The folkway is honest, and Irish are nice and willing to accept new people. Besides, Ireland has been recognized as a harmonious society with a low crime rate. If the awe-inspiring natural scenery doesn’t already entice people to plan their immigration to Ireland after one visit, it’s rich traditions and quaint pace of life makes Ireland an excellent place to live in, whether it be short term or permanent.


Ireland’s rapid economic growth amongst the European countries created lots of precious opportunities for both the investors and business which attracted many of the large multinational corporations to participate. For example, Google, Facebook, Apple, and PayPal chose to set up the European office in Ireland. In 2019, Ireland earned the 2nd place for the overall economic freedom score which is well performed over all other regions and the world as average. The unemployment rate has been going down since 2012.


Tax rate

Several European countries taxed excess 40% of the cooperation tax, however, Ireland has taxed far lower as compared. The cooperation rate of Ireland is only 12.5% for both private and public companies, which is something welcomed by many of the start-up companies. Meanwhile, the personal income tax rate for the Irish is normally 20%, but people who earn more than 35,000 EUR will be responsible to pay a higher (40%) tax rate.



The quality of education in Ireland is considered top tier, making it an ideal place for young children and adults to immigrate to, so that they can reap the benefits of one of the best education systems in the world. Moreover, the Irish are known as some of the highest educated people across the world with most Irish being well educated.

  • Pre-school education (ECCA) provide 3 hours weekly free of charge
  • Infant Education is subsidized, time duration will be around 14 months
  • Primary compulsory Education is free of charge, time duration will be around 8 years
  • Public Secondary Education is free of charge, adopted with the class grouping system while the students will be allocated according to the school zone.
  • The senior secondary school education can be 2 or 3 years depends on students’ study plans
  • All Ireland residents receive a reduction on university fees.

Health care and welfare system

Ireland’s health care system is ranked 11th over the world, ahead of the UK, Germany and Canada due to the government making continuous efforts to provide the best care for all the residents.

People who pay the tax lawfully are eligible to receive around 100 EUR pension; and free of charge to those who need help for arranging any process related to living in a nursing house. A further amount of around 1000 EUR will also be subsidized for them. People from Ireland also receive the GP Visit Card and Medical Cards for any medical services, Mobility Allowance, Unemployment compensation and Long-Term Illness Scheme will also be provided to any residents in need.

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