Portugal Golden Residence Permit

null Application Requirements

  • Invest € 500,000 in fund
  • Principal Applicant must be above the age of 18
  • No record of criminal issues (No more than one year sentence is acceptable)
  • Applicant must be non – European residence

null Advantages

  • Global Citizen Identity
  • Low Resident Requirement
  • Transparent and simple tax system
  • Favorable Public Order with low crime rate
  • Well-developed Education System

  Processing Time

18 months

 Application Process

➥ Free Consultation

➥ Meeting with the program representatives of fund to decide the investment option

➥ Sign Agreement

➥ Submit application

➥ Land to Portugal to enroll biometric data

➥ Visa granted of Portugal residence permit

➥ First and second visa renewal

➥ Apply for Portuguese citizenship when fulfilling the residence requirement and reach an A2 level in Portuguese language test at the end of the 5th year

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