Portugal Golden Residence Permit

null Application Requirements

  • Purchase property or Invest in fund:
  1. Acquisition of property € 350,000 or above (for properties more than 30 years old or located in areas of urban renovation)
  2. Acquisition of property € 500,000 or above
  3. Invest € 500,000 or above in fund
  • Principal Applicant must be above the age of 18
  • No record of criminal issues (No more than one year sentence is acceptable)
  • Applicant must be non – European residence

null Advantages

  • Global Citizen Identity
  • Low Resident Requirement
  • Transparent and simple tax system
  • Favorable Public Order with low crime rate
  • Well-developed Education System

  Processing Time

6 months

 Application Process

➥ Free Consultation

➥ Meeting with the program representatives of property/fund to decide the investment option

➥ Sign Agreement

➥ Submit application

➥ Land to Portugal to enroll biometric data

➥ Visa granted of Portugal residence permit

➥ First and second visa renewal

➥ Apply for Portuguese citizenship when fulfilling the residence requirement and reach an A2 level in Portuguese language test at the end of the 5th year

  Which investment option should you choose? Fund or Property?

Fund Property
Investment Requirement €500,000 in Fund €500,000 in Property / ‎€350,000 In Property which more than 30 years old or located in areas of urban renovation
Initial Fees No Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty Property Transfer Tax 6.5% ; Stamp Duty 0.8%
Annual Fees / Taxes Subscription Fee (depends on the fund) Local Property Tax 0.3%-0.8% ; Rental
Advantages of Fund / Property Investment Simpler and fast investment process Freedom to use, rent or lease
Benefits of choosing us - Variety of fund types
- You can clearly compare the investment portfolio, return on investment and exit process of various funds
- Cooperate with the largest local real estate agent to search for diversified properties according to your needs
- Arrange for property visits at no extra cost
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