Canada’s Lifeboat Scheme

The Canadian Study Abroad Immigration Program offers applicants the opportunity to apply for immigration directly to Canada after graduating from school (post-secondary level) or to apply for skilled immigration with work experience.

Stream A: In-Canada Graduates

Recently, Canada has extended its immigration policy for Hong Kong youth by offering a three-year open work visa to Hong Kong graduates within the past five years.

If you don’t know what subjects are suitable for your work and academic background? Find out more about the immigration pathway for studying in Canada now!

Stream B: Canadian Work Experience

Work and live anywhere in Canada, No restriction on the type of work. Apply for PR if accumulated 1560 hours in 1 year


Canada’s new immigration policy allows those who have graduated within the last 10 years to apply for a 3-year Open Work Permit!
When the number of working hours is met, you can immigrate to Canada through Stream B!