Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme

  • A passport is granted within 6 months.
  • Dual-citizenship is allowed.
  • ​The program is geared towards High Net Worth Individuals with required investment in Real Estate in Cyprus of EUR 2,500,000 and Donation of EUR 200,000
  • A €75,000 contribution to the Research and Innovation Foundation
  • A €75,000 contribution to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation
  • The property investment has to be kept for 5 years.
  • This program is open to all nationalities.
  • The spouse, dependent children (or grandchildren aged up to 28 years old) and parents of the applicant or spouse can also apply.
  • No need to reside in Cyprus at any point in time in order to obtain or keep the citizenship.
  • Main applicant, wife and dependent children below the age of 28 obtain citizenship.
  • Grandchildren may also inherit citizenship via naturalization.

Compare Citizenship Programmes

Cyprus is not the only country in Europe offering citizenship through investment. However, it is by farthe quickest route taking just 6 months to obtain an EU passport. Citizenship is also possible through investment in real estate in Portugal by applicating after six years, while also available in Bulgaria through investment in government bonds.

Citizenship Benefits

  • Citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within the 28 countries of the European Union.
  • Citizens have the right to attend schools and universities within any EU country for free, or at special tuition rates exclusive for EU nationals.
  • Beneficial tax regime for Cypriot passport holders, no foreign income tax, no inheritance tax, no withholding tax on interest earned and lowest taxation rates in Europe for residents.

Processing Time

6 months

Difference Between Cyprus and UK

Parameters Cyprus citizenship Uk citizenship
Citizenship processing time 6 months in getting your EU citizenship and passport 5 years to get permanent residence(PR), citizenship after 1 year as PR
Residence reqirement No requirement 180 days in each year
Citizenship Test No requirement Yes, life in the UK test
Age limit of dependent child 28 years old 18 years old
Accompanying family members Spouse, all dependent children and parents of the investor Spouse and all dependent children
Investment amount 2 million euros in investment properties 2 million pounds in designated investment e.g. UK share capital or loan capital
Investment period The properties can be sold after 5 years The investors should maintain the investment within 5 years, afterwards investor is free to sell it
Visa free countries for travel 157 countries 174 countries
EU passport - All rights of an EU citizen are provided : freedem of residence, study,work, doing business in any EU member country Yes Yes(Before Briexit)
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