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THE UNITED KINGDOM is an exciting country which you can truly enjoy for a short visit or for a longer period if you decide to enrol in a course of study, take up work or even settle there. There are many reasons the UK presents an enticing immigration prospect.

The country is experiencing a booming economy and boasts a strong reputation for its diversified and cosmopolitan life, attracting people from all over the world. There are a mix and match of cultures within the UK due to immigration, with more than 50 nationalities and as many as 300 different languages. As such, one cannot help but feel that the UK is extremely welcoming to anyone going through the immigration process!

In addition, there are plenty of excellent universities and colleges, museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants, pubs, beautiful parks and open green spaces to explore. These landmark highlights will cater to anyone’s interest and entice them to come to the UK on a temporary or a permanent basis. Discover the benefits of living in the UK, whether you seek immigration to pursue a rollercoaster ride while working in LondonThe country’s famous financial heart – or a slower pace of life in the quaint British countryside.

The Benefits of Immigration to the UK

Economic Development

In the UK, immigration has a positive effect on GDP. The country currently ranks 6th among western developed countries. Britain’s agriculture, especially the dairy industry, is highly mechanised and extremely efficient. Just 1% of workforce labour is enough to meet the food needs of about 60% of the population. As well as being rich in coal, natural gas and oil reserves, Britain’s energy production accounts for approximately 10% of its GDP, making it one of the countries with the richest energy resources in the EU.

Services, particularly banking, finance, shipping, insurance and business account for the largest proportion of the country’s GDP. With London being one of the most developed financial, shipping and service centres in the world, Britain remains the world’s fifth largest trading nation.

Landscape and Social Culture

British climatic difference is small between the seasons, making it very suitable for living. Bustling cities, scenic countryside and tranquil mountain lakes make up a large part of the UK’s landscape and unique geological identity. In addition to the natural landscape, Britain’s unique cultural scenery and historic sites remain eternally fascinating attractions to visitors and locals alike.

From Stonehenge to Edinburgh Castle and the Tower of London, there are numerous unique historical sites of interest across the UK. Britain is a great country for sports too, whether it be football, polo, rugby, cricket, badminton and table tennis just to name a few. All of them originated in the UK.

Education and Welfare

Another aspect that makes the UK a great place for immigration is its education and welfare systems. Thanks to the UK’s public health systems, physicians are almost civil servants and surgery doctors are often not required to bear any medical debentures, loans and expenses. In more remote areas, physicians and doctors retain the tradition of seeing patients at home. In Britain, healthcare is provided to most nationalities regardless of their visa situation; especially for people faring from former British colonies.

Britain’s education, as well as its academic and scientific research, are also world-class. With a long tradition of education, British universities produce some of the world’s leading and distinguished scholars, many of whom attended the 700-year-old University of Cambridge. These accolades make Britain one of the world’s most important educational hubs along with the United States.

The UK attracts many students from around the world through immigration visas. They bring considerable foreign exchange to the country as well as new talent.

Over the years, many have desired to complete their UK immigration application to continue their life there. As a result, the United Kingdom Immigrant Investor Program was borne. This is mainly tailored to high net-worth individuals and offers multiple benefits; the applicant’s UK immigration, financial, and family planning needs are jointly addressed.

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