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There are many reasons people decide to migrate. From more jobs or business opportunities to a better quality of life in terms of education or reuniting with extended family. At John Hu Migration Consulting, our experienced immigration consultants in Hong Kong will help you organise all the documents required to make the move you want a reality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the most customer-centric professional immigration firm. This is what unites our dedicated staff across teams as we are all striving to delight our customer experience and make their lives more enjoyable and rewarding.

Vision Statement

We deliver joy and opportunity to our clients who migrate to different countries.

Our Slogan

It’s passion. It’s different.

Why Choose John Hu Migration Consulting

Based in Hong Kong since 2009, John Hu Migration Consulting has been managed by a group of licensed immigration consultants and attorneys who have great passion to serve every of our valued clients. Having been awarded the prestigious “Supreme Brand Award” as well as “Greater China’s Most Trusted Investor Immigration Consultant” in Hong Kong’s 2019 business awards, we are well positioned to provide bespoke immigration advice whatever your goals and situation.

Our immigration consultants in Hong Kong can guarantee you peace of mind during your visa application and save countless hours of your time. A one stop solution for settlement advice and support, including accommodation, education and transport, read some testimonials from our clients here.

What We Offer

At John Hu Migration Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of visa application and immigration services to those in Hong Kong. From detailed pages about each country, we want to make sure you are well informed about the entire immigration process. Along with offering free assessments online, our customer service is among the industry’s best as we always put our customer’s needs first.

As the leading immigration consultants in Hong Kong, we provide our clients with our personalized advice and professional services tailored to meet their individual immigration requirements whether it means helping organise their family settlement abroad or advising on an investor visa program. Whether it be for Australia, Canada, UK, US and more, we provide migration and visa processing services, our immigration consultants are more than capable to help those wanting to migrate from Hong Kong.

Read more on our site today to find out more about immigrating to other countries. Contact us to speak to one of our immigration consultants here in Hong Kong.

Why Choose John Hu Migration Consulting?

Our vision –To deliver joy and opportunities to every migrant in the world.

Our slogan –It’s our passion. It’s different.

Since 2009, John Hu Migration Consulting has been managed by a group of licensed immigration consultants and attorneys who have great passion to serve every of our satisfying clients whose families have been enjoying their family life in different. We provide our clients with our personalized advice and professional services tailored to meet their individual immigration requirements. Bestowed with many international awards in our service excellence, we provide valuable information and assistance to our clients in their family settlement abroad.

Customers Speak

AU GTI – Nov 2022

“Dear Willie, Jacky, Kathy & Richard. Allow me to express my utmost thankfulness to you and your team members to guide me through the GTI application process. The team is professional, responsive, and has provided me very helpful advice to refine the application. It would not be an overstatement to say that I would love recommending any friends who are looking for an immigration agent.” Carter Ma

AU – Oct 2022

“We are very grateful to John and his team, in particular Jeff and Kathy, for their advice and support throughout our application process. They are approachable, attentive and responsive. We really appreciate all the works they have done.” K Lam

AU – Nov 2022

“We would like to express our sincere thanks to John Wu’s team especially Willie, Kathy, Jeff, Mona & Elfa. During the whole application process, they have given us the confidence, professional advice and demonstrated a deep understanding and knowledge in meeting the application requirements. Furthermore, we are very pleased with their services in terms responsiveness and detail explanations in every steps to be taken. We will highly recommend John Wu’s team to anyone who is interested in applying for immigration.”  Wong’s family

NZ – Sep 2022

“Thanks very much to John and his team for helping me to apply successfully the Nz migration. Especially John, Crystal and Willie, they are very professional and always response promptly and give useful advice so that the whole process is smooth without obstacles. I wish them continued success in the future.” Lesley

Our Achievements and Awards

Professionalism & Service Quality

With our cultural heritage to deliver our excellent customer service, we are delighted to be one of the leading local immigration firms awarded with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency “Service Quality Management (SQM) Certification” in February 2022 after their stringent Service Performance Assessment and Service Management Assessment.  No doubt, this SQM Certification provides our clients with customer satisfaction guarantee and encouragement of service excellence for our professional team.


We are honored to bestow with the following prestigious awards

  • 2022 – HKQAA  Service Quality Management (SQM) Certification
  • 2021 – Immigration Expert of the Year in Hong Kong
  • 2020 – Leading Adviser Awards (Acquisition International)
  • 2019 – Supreme Brand Award
  • 2018 – Best Brand in Overseas Investor Immigration Consultant Award
  • 2015 – The 2015 Enterprising Hong Kong Awards
  • 2014 – Interactive Media Awards
  • 2014-2019 –  Best Brand in Overseas Investor Immigration Consultant Award