Mission Statement

We deliver joy and opportunity to our migrant clients.


Vision Statement

It’s passion. It’s different.


Who We Are

We are a leading immigration consultant in Hong Kong. At John Hu Migration Consulting (JHM), we pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed migration and visa processing services for clients who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, the UK or the US. We also specialize in applications for Citizenship by Investment countries.

JHM forge strategic partnerships with global influencers in the industry, such as certified practising accountants (CPA), business consultants, education advisors and real estate agents. Through such an advanced network, the specialist immigration consultant team at John Hu in Hong Kong assure seamless pre and post-application services for each of our clients.

These services include but are not limited to, the arrangement of exploratory trips to a destination country, education and job seeking. Our expert team are well versed in assisting with the set-up of international business, acquisition of an overseas business, or any other business affairs.


Our Services

At JHM, we provide extensive services in visa application processing, whereby every immigration consultant from our firm in Hong Kong carries out each service with the utmost professionalism and care. When it comes to migration visas, we assist our clients in processing investor migration applications, as well as those for business migration, and skilled migration.



So many satisfied clients selected our professional immigration services due to the following benefits:

  1. Peace of mind to get your visa grant
  2. Save you a lot of time and cost! JHM provides:

‧Clear guidelines in preparing all supporting documents

‧A free IELTS online course if applicable

‧A one-stop solution for settlement advice and support, including accommodation, child education, relocation transport, etc.

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Contact Us

For further information or enquiries regarding any of our services, contact us today at +852 3568 1436 to speak to an immigration consultant at our firm in Hong Kong. Alternatively, simply fill out an easy online enquiry form for a free assessment.