Australia government had launched the Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) since 4 November 2019, the program aims to absorb and attract talented independents from across the world who are the top of their field or industries. During the 2021/22 fiscal year, the quotas of the GTI program is 15,000. As so if your occupation is inside the list of the targeted sectors and you have found a nominator for the program, you will get the chance to apply for the visa. If you want to know more about the visa program. Please call us at  852-3568 1436.


  • Candidates should have an annual salary at or above AUD167,500.
  • Your occupation should include in the ‘target sectors’ below:
    • Resources
    • Agri-food and AgTech
    • Energy
    • Health Industries
    • Defence, Advanced manufacturing and Space
    • Circular Economy
    • Digitech
    • Infrastructure and Tourism
    • Financial Services and FinTech
    • Education

Received a personal or company nominator in Australia and able to prove your personal achievements which were recognised internationally.


nullAdvantages of the GTI Program

  • No age restriction/ limit
  • Visa approval granted quickly
  • Direct Australia Permanent Resident
  • Only one application, you and your family can immigrate together

Processing Time

Within 12 months


  • John Hu is a licensed and experienced Australia immigration consultant (MARN0746141) who have served in the industry more than 10 years, and we were widely referred by most of our previous clients.
  • Two Australia licensed immigration consultants with a group of experienced staffs will take care of all the process from the professional advices until the vise granted
  • We provide a one-stop settlement service including tax arrangements, real estate, and education-related matters.
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