Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) – Skilled Workers Streams

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A way of migrating to Canada at a lower cost and faster than Stream A.

Processing Time (2 PR pathway options)

  • Main applicant (study + part-time job): 42 months
  • Main applicant studying, spouse working: 30 months
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Project Benefits

  • 1 year Diploma course, easy to enter and exit
  • Direct job referral from Job Agent in Canada, stable income
  • 6 months local work experience, no academic qualification required
  • Another fast track route to PR in 20 months: main applicant studying, spouse with Open Work Permit and work experience to apply for PR in Canada
australia migration

Application Requirements

  • 6 months work experience in the Manitoba In-demand Occupation List
  • Basic IELTS score (depending on the type of work required, down to 4 points for semi-skilled work)
  • Must demonstrate the willingness and ability to live and work in the country

Application Process

Free consultation Assistance with school enrolment Notification of acceptance to school Apply for Student Visa   Apply for graduate work permit after completing course* Work in Manitoba for 6 months Submit MPNP application* Invited to apply for PR* (*Health and Police Check application are required at the same time)
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