New Zealand – Skilled

New Zealand Skilled Immigration 

john hu migration  Program Benefit

     ➤ The regulation of age is more easing, comparing with Australia and Canada.

     ➤ The requirement of the English level is lower.


australia migration IELTS Requirement

  • Average 6.5.


australia migration The Qualification of Application

The migrants must be

     ➤ Below 55 years old

     ➤ Healthy

     ➤ Well-Conduct

     ➤ Able to communicate in English

The application will be approved by the scoring system, such as age. experience, employment ability.


canada self-employed visa The Application Time and Process (About 1 year)

     ➤ Conducting thorough consultant and assessment.

     ➤ Signing Contract

     ➤ Preparing application document.

     ➤ Submitting Expression of Interest (EOI)

     ➤ Invitation To Apply (ITA)

     ➤ Submitting document for formal application.

     ➤ Provide body check record and Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.

     ➤ Obtaining Working Visa and Residential Visa.


australia migration Resident visa conditions

  1. If you were granted a resident visa, you must still meet some requirements to ensure you remain a New Zealand resident.
  2. If you gained points for an offer of skilled employment, you must take that job up within three months of your first entry into New Zealand. You must also stay in that job for at least three months and provide us with evidence of having done so.
  3. If you gained points for already having a skilled job that you have held for less than three months, you must stay in the job for a minimum of three months.


australia migration A Job Search visa

  1. If you have been offered a job search visa, there are certain things you have to do.
  2. Within three months of the offer, you must return your application form for the job search visa.
  3. You must show us that you are able to support yourself in New Zealand. This means NZ$1000 for each month, or NZ$400 each month if your accommodation has been paid for.
  4. You will also have to show that you have the money available to purchase tickets to your home country should you have to leave New Zealand.
  5. If you are out of New Zealand, you will get a job search visa with travel conditions allowing you to travel to New Zealand within three months. On arrival, or if you are already in New Zealand, you will be granted a further work visa for nine months.







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