One-Stop Settlement Service
Provide professional assessment , comprehensive and considerate services – tax consulting, local property , education, wealth management, settlement


We deliver joy and opportunity to our migrant clients.



It’s passion. It’s different.


John Hu is a licensed and experienced Australia immigration consultant (MARN0746141) who has served in the industry for more than 10 years, and we were widely referred by most of our previous clients. Two Australia licensed immigration consultants with a group of experienced staffs will take care of all the process from the professional advice until the vise granted.



We provide a one-stop settlement service including tax arrangements, real estate, and education-related matters.

AEC Education Consultancy

Service Areas : AU、CA、UK、US、NZ

✔️ Free education advice on tuition fees and enrolment times for different visas


Delia of School

Service Area: CA

✔️  Help your child to adapt to the local education system in advance, not only link up to the local academic system but also give advice on further studies

Raeon International

Service Areas: AU、CA、UK

✔️One-Stop service for real estate analysis, property management and more

✔️ Find out where you can find the best properties across Australia

Commonwealth Bank

Service Area: AU

✔️ Open an account online 3 months before departure for quick and easy access

✔️ Staff are multi-lingual (including Cantonese) , making communication easier

✔️ Annual income of AUD$100K or above with one-on-one banking services

For further information regarding our settlement service, contact us today at +852 3568 1436 to speak to an immigration consultant at our firm in Hong Kong.