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BULGARIA is a country in Southeast Europe, has a temperate continental with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons. It is a country with various celebrations throughout the year, Bulgarians are very attached to the traditions and culture. The cost of living in Bulgaria is relatively low, which is 47% lower than in the US.

  • Capital: Sofia
  • Land Area (sq. km): 110994
  • Official Language(s): Bulgarian, English
  • Population: 7.1 million
  • Currency: BGN
  • GDP per capita (US$): 8031
  • Real GDP growth (% change yoy): 3.6%
  • Inflation (% change yoy): 2.3%
  • Unemployment (% labour force): 4.7%


Temperate continental climate, temperature vary from -5°C to 25°C, average annual rainfall vary from 450-600mm

Health & Welfare

Free education from primary to secondary school; Comprehensive social insurance including pension, free public medical services, family allowance, education subsidy, consumption subsidy, housing subsidy etc.

Economy & Jobs

Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism; rich in producing rose, yoghurt and wine​


Bulgaria has gorgeous landscapes, including mountains, plains, hills, rivers​ etc.; there are 9 fascinating UNESCO World heritage sites located in Bulgaria

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