Hong Kong Investment (to establish/join in business) Visa

If you are a foreigner who is looking for Hong Kong Business Visas and decide to establish your business in Hong Kong by investment, you and your family members can apply for your residence in Hong Kong by applying for your residence under the Business Investment category, without investing HKD 10 million under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. Hong Kong has a special immigration visa scheme called Entry for Investment for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to operate their own business in Hong Kong. This entrepreneur visa scheme is essentially a type of work permit that is issued to the owner of a business as an employee of his/her Hong Kong Company. One of the main criteria for the grant of the entrepreneur visa lies in whether you are able to prove that your business will make a significant contribution to the economy of Hong Kong. You are allowed to bring your spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong under this scheme. You are also eligible to apply for Hong Kong permanent residence in due course. The entrepreneur visa is generally issued for a 1-year period initially and is renewable thereafter as long as your business remains viable.  


There is no minimum investment requirement specified by the authorities when applying for the investment visa. However, at the time of processing your application, the authorities will closely examine your proposed business plan to assess if your proposed investment is sufficient for the business you plan to set up. In this regard, you must ensure that your proposed investment covers the startup and operational expenses of your business for at least the initial 3-6 month period.  


  • You should not have any criminal records or security objections.
  • You must possess a good educational background. Normally it is preferable to have at least an undergraduate degree in the relevant field. However, in the absence of such a degree, documentary evidence of good technical qualifications, relevant professional abilities, achievements, and experience may suffice.
  • You must prove that you will make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong by demonstrating that your business will create jobs for the local workforce, that you will utilize the services of local service providers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc. and that you will be able to make a significant contribution in the specific market that you are entering into.