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HONG KONG is one of two special administrative regions (SARs) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the other being Macau. Hong Kong is a city-state, but because of Hong Kong’s long history as a colony of the British Empire, the unique “one-country, two-systems” policy is applied and it continues to enjoy a high degree of autonomy even after its return to China. Hong Kong has its own distinct legal system known as th Basic Law, largely based on the English Common Law. The region has its own GDP and HDI, police force, monetary systems, custom and immigration policies, official languages, postal systems, educational systems, and certain degrees of international representation that are different or independent from the People’s Republic of China. Folks also drive on the left side of the road, etc rendering its status almost equivalent to an independent nation in many respects.

Asia’s Business Capital

Strategically located at the centre of Asia, all of the region’s key markets are within 4 hours flight and half the world’s population is within 5 hours flight time. Hong Kong International Airport (Sky trax 5 Star) is the busiest in Asia Pacific with direct flights to over 155 international destinations. The journey time between city centre and airport takes 23 minutes on the Airport Express.

International Business Environment

Hong Kong, Asia’s most popular city for international business is a city that works. Its enduring appeal is built on political stability, pro-business governance, rule of law and an independent legal system, free market principles, free flow of information, and English as the language of business.

Low and Simple Tax

Hong Kong has a low, simple and predictable tax system. The city only imposes three direct taxes – on profits, salaries and property – and has no sales tax, no withholding tax, no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends and no tax on an individual’s estate.

Strategic Location

Hong Kong is located at the heart of Asia Pacific and next door to some of Asia’s highest potential markets. China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and the Philippines are in the same time zone as Hong Kong. All Asia’s key markets are within 4 hours flight time and half the world’s population is within 5 hours flight time

Gateway to Mainland China

Hong Kong’s proximity to, and close and unique relationship with, Mainland China, has made it the preferred entry point into Mainland China for business for over 150 years. Hong Kong’s business influence across China is extensive and deep. Hong Kong provides almost half of the Mainland’s inward investment, while the Mainland is the city’s largest trading partner. Hong Kong has world-class transportation, telecommunications, IT connectivity and utilities.

Efficient & Skilled local Workforce

Hong Kong people have an essential mix of international market savvy combined with an appreciation of the business culture in the fast-growing Mainland China cities and across Asia. English is the usual language of business, while many in Hong Kong speak English, Cantonese and Putonghua. Hong Kong thrives on its strong work ethics, efficiency and can-do attitude. Industrial action is extremely rare.

Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Hong Kong is a world class city and business hub for Asia. The city is hometo a large, varied and vibrant expatriate community that numbers around 350,000. The city also hosts around 29 million international tourists each year. As Asia’s most cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong boasts all the services and support structures to make living and working in Hong Kong feel like being home from home, without losing its unique  identity of being Hong Kong.

HONG KONG is a city-state, but because of Hong Kong’s long history as a colony of the British Empire, the unique “one-country, two-systems” policy is applied. It is a world-class city and business hub for Asia with a large, varied and vibrant expatriate community. As Asia’s most cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong boasts all the services and support structures to make living and working in Hong Kong feel like being home from home.

  • Capital: Hong Kong
  • Land Area (sq. km): 1050
  • Official Language(s): Chinese, English
  • Population: 7.4 million
  • Currency: HKD
  • GDP per capita (US$): 48231
  • Real GDP growth (% change yoy): 3.8%
  • Inflation (% change yoy): 2.3%
  • Unemployment (% labour force): 2.6%
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