Self-Employed (Artists & Sports Professionals)

If your occupation is within one of the following professionals, and a self-employed person, you have a chance to apply to the program and get your fast Canada permanent residence!  
  • Entertainment: Film, Television, Radio, Stage Show, Performing Arts, etc
  • Culture: Writing, Translation, Photography. Painting, etc
  • Sport: Athlete, Coach, Referee, etc
(Relevant experience of the expertise are required.)


  • Direct Canada permanent residence, can live in everywhere in Canada
  • No Asset and Score Requirement


  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience within 5 years
  • Meet the pass mark of 35 (Pass mark may change)

Processing Time

Around 24 months

Application Process

Free consultation Sign an agreement Prepare documents Field Trip Submit Application Receive interview notification Join the interview Receive PR