It’s a great time to immigrate to Singapore!

Singapore has attracted a large number of people who want to immigrate due to its short distance, no time difference, and bilingual between Chinese and English. As an Asian financial center, Singapore is a livable city in the world. It is well-planned for developing education, low unemployment, excellent infrastructure, diverse entertainment, and cultural activities. After naturalization, you can also get a visa-free passport for 189 countries. It is no doubt of its attractiveness.

  • Land area: 728 square kilometers
  • Official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • Population: about 5.703 million
  • Currency: Singapore Dollar (S$) (SGD)
  • GDP per capita (USD): $65,233
  • Real GDP growth rate: 3.1%
  • Singapore’s inflation rate: -1.9%
  • Unemployment rate: 3.8%

Benefits of immigrating to Singapore

Social stability

Singapore has a stable political environment and good laws and order. According to relevant statistics, Singapore has a very low crime rate and will even be rated as the world’s first safe country. It can be seen that the social stability of Singapore has been recognized by all parties, and the safety of people and property will be effectively guaranteed.

High-quality education

Singapore pursues an elite education. The education system is similar to the British system. With the exception of language subjects, English is the medium language. After completing the primary and secondary schools for 10-11 years, you can choose to study at a junior college, high school or polytechnic. More than half of the first two can be promoted to domestic universities. Singapore has 5 polytechnics and 3 tertiary institutions, among which the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are both well-known universities in Asia.

Standard of living

Singapore is an international green city, mainly because the country’s plant coverage exceeds 70%, the natural environment is very pleasant, and the environmental quality is very good. Singapore provides residents with efficient public and private transportation; it has an advanced medical system, good schools, and a safe living environment.


In terms of housing, 84% of Singapore’s population lives in HDB (public housing) built by the government (HDB). Because of the “Home Ownership” requirement, the price of HDB flats is kept low, which can be affordable for every Singaporean. The government provides subsidies for the purchase of HDB flats, which also allows more Singaporeans to have housing to live in.

Strategic location

Singapore is located in the center of Southeast Asia. Starting a business here will allow you to reach a market of 2.8 billion people. Singapore is also one of the busiest ports in the world. Nearly 15 million people pass through its gate every year. In fact, Singapore has been named the “World’s Best Airport” for 20 consecutive years. This city-state is also an important location in the Asia-Pacific region. In Singapore, companies can easily enter all major markets in Asia.

Business opportunity

It only takes a few days to set up a company in Singapore, and the government will also provide assistance. Make Singapore one of the easiest destinations in the world to start a business and manage a business. Because of this favorable environment for business development, Singapore is able to attract foreign investment and entrepreneurs.