processing time

How long does it take to process after lodgement?

Considering migrating to other countries? Investor Visas of European countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Portugal can be approved within about six months, but the application period for Business and Investor visas such as Australia and Canada (Direct PR) requires at least 1.5 years. We understand that processing time is one of the critical factors when you consider migrating to other countries, so we have prepared the Back Up plan for you! For further information or enquiries, please call our hotline at 852-3568 1436 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can complete the Free Assessment Form. Our immigration consultants will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours and provide you with a FREE phone consultation service.

Australia 188A Visa - Business innovation Stream A$200,000 (TR), 22 Months
Australia 188B Visa - Investor Stream A$1.5m (TR), 22 Months
Australia 188C Visa - Significant Investor Stream A$5m (TR), 16 Months
Canada Self-Employed Visa (PR), 22 Months
Canada Start-Up Visa C$400,000 (PR), 16 Months
Canada Start-Up Visa Work Permit C$40,000 (TR), 6 Months
Canada Self-Employed Visa Work Permit** (TR), 2 Months
Ireland Investor Visa €400,000 (Stamp 4), 6 Months
Portugal Golden Visa €350,000 (TR), 9 Months
Bulgaria Investor Visa €1.2m (Citizenship), 24 Months

**No specific investment amount required

※ Information stated above is average processing time and subject to government’s official website