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Recently, Canada has extended its youth immigration policy for Hong Kong residents, providing Hong Kong students who have graduated in the past 5 years with a 3-year Open Work Permit, and their legal spouses or children can stay and study or work.

In 2021, there will be two new immigration channels for Hong Kong (youth) to apply for becoming permanent residents:

  • having 1 year of recognized  work experience in Canada and reached a certain level of English and academic qualifications
  • after graduating from Canada (post-secondary level), apply directly immigration to Canada

Why choosing Canada for study immigration program?

  • Highly educated, local work experience, etc., can add extra points to “skilled immigrants” and increase the chances of being successfully invited
  • You can apply to become a permanent resident directly after you complete the degree without having to fight for high scores after studying in a master’s degree program in some colleges and universities in BC and Ontario (such as IT, Engineering, etc)
  • Except the master’s program, you can also studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in order to match local work experience, obtain IELTS, and apply for provincial nomination to immigrate to Canada
  • If the skilled immigrant score is not high enough, you can consider taking certain courses in Alberta which can immigrate to Canada through the “entrepreneurial immigration” channel after graduation

Project Advantage

  • During school, the spouse can work and the children can go to public schools
  • An open work visa for up to 3 years after graduation, holders are not required to work in designated employers and locations
  • Immigration pathways that most people apply for permanent residents! According to the applicant’s age, English level, education level, etc. Choosing the most suitable degree, subject and province to study. Immigrate to Canada through skilled immigration, entrepreneurial immigration after graduation