Hallets Point first phase to meet housing needs in New York, Hallets Point Phase II is under construction Now!

The second phase of Hallets Point will be located next to the first phase, which is Queens. Phase II will consist of three buildings and is expected to open in the third quarter of 2020.

U.S. Immigration Fund Achievements:
– 24 EB-5 projects have been successfully carried out, with a total value of USD14.75 billion being developed!
– 6,000 EB-5 investors have been solicited!
– 81,000 jobs will be created!
– Will change the lives of 18,000 people!

About The Durst Organization:
– Founded in 1915, New York’s oldest commercial and residential real estate development company, Managed by the third generation
– Successful cooperation with the US Immigration Fund three projects to help 720 investors to achieve immigration dreams
– I526 for the first two projects approved

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Halletts Point Location Advantage:
Halletts Point is located on Halletts Point Peninsula, the largest district in New York, with 2.3 million permanent residents because it is located in New York’s east-easterly precinct, attracting a myriad of attractions One of the reasons for the development of Halletts Point is the relocation of people from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In August 2017, the government expanded the East River Hurricane System to the Halletts Point Peninsula, from the Hallets Point Peninsula to all major points of interest very fast:
– Long Island City (16 minutes)
– Midtown Manhattan (29 minutes)
– Lower Manhattan (45 minutes)

Project Benefits:
– The first phase of the former project, Halletts Point, was completed and responded enthusiastically
– Equipped with investment security and exit mechanism
– The project started construction in September 2017

Project Description:

Total project cost:$ 2.26 million
EB-5 funding:$ 8 million
EB-5 Ratio of Fund to Project Total Cost:35%
EB-5 Total number of investors:16
EB-5 required jobs:160
The total number of jobs created by the project:277.9 (employment surplus 117.9)

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