Spain Golden Visa Program


null Investor Temporary Residence Program

Invest 0.5m or more Euro in Spanish properties with 3-5% annual return on rental income

null Benefits

  • Life-long temporary visa and Schengen visa to all Schengen countries to live, work and study for main applicant and all family members
  • No residence requirement
  • First one year visa renewable every two years (0.8% of the property price as government fees at each renewal)
  • No tax to be paid unless you are a taxable resident

null Application Process

  • Sign Power of Attorney with our Spanish attorney for opening Spanish bank account for main applicant
  • No evidence for sources of funds required from the main applicant
  • Complete property purchase, health and police checks
  • 2 months for visa grant

null Spanish Permanent Residency and Citizenship:

  • Temporary resident may apply for permanent residency after 5 years
  • Cumulative 10 years permanent residency in Spain before applying for citizenship, at least 183 days in each year
  • Basic Spanish language test for permanent residence application
  • Enjoy all social benefits after becoming permanent resident