01.07.2015| Congratulations to Human Resource Manager Ms Lam her Australia skilled 489 Visa Grant!

In recent year, some issues have occurred in Hong Kong.  A lot of people are beginning to doubt that free and stability are still same as past Hong Kong?  This attitude affects the new generation parent in deeply.  Ms. Lam, who is Human Recourse Manager, is one of the examples. She rethinks that is here suitable for her children to develop their life in healthily?

As some deeds have happened in recent, lets her had immigration thought, because she think that here is changed and is not same with before she know. She wants her children grow up in one free place. After she considering and discuss with family, she decides to immigration to Australia where is one of popular migration spots in Hong Kong.

She was engaging John Hu Migration Consulting to handle her immigration finally. Luckily, his professional team has advised Ms.Lam step by step in collating all information and supporting documents.  Her Australia skilled worker visa (subclass 489) has granted on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day 01/07/2015.