Congratulate Dr.Lam on earning the Australia Investor 188B Visa on 04.05.2015

Providing a great education environment to children is our main responsibility. In order to achieve that, we paid close attention to migration news especially about England, United States, Australia and Canada as well.
Immigration to Australia must be the first priority due to drastic fall in exchange rate of Australian dollar recently and Business Innovation and Investment 
program (188B) with lower investment cost and risk. My wife and I decided to immigrate to Sydney under 188B program before any changes of policies.
Both of us shared with the same idea which is one take pass in the application and no troubles after visa grant. We engaged John Hu of John Hu Migration Consulting (MARN 0746141) based on our common rule. The consulting team is really trusty. They monitor the whole process so we do appreciate it.We successfully earned the Australia Investor Stream subclass 188B Visa on 04/05/2015.