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To learn about the key to the success of Australian and New Zealand skilled immigrants

Date: 8 July (Wed)
Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Language: Cantonese

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John Hu, the Chief Immigration Adviser of Australia and New Zealand Skilled Immigration
    • How the latest scoring system and application process increase scoring opportunities
    • How to improve my score: What is the best age for application? What is the greater demand for occupation?
    • 50-seat of the world「MINT」,another option to applicants who are not invited to the Australia 190 Skilled Immigrant Visa
✦Our differentiation
    • Applicants will be provided 20 hours Achieve IELTS 8 Online Intensive Course.
    • Experienced Australian and New Zealand Government Registered Immigration Consultant, John Hu, who has 10 years successful experience in Skilled Immigration, helping people to conduct assessments
    • You can communicate with registered immigration consultant from the Government of Australia and New Zealand directly for professional immigration advice.
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